Chris Pop aka Baby Tofu is a time traveler from year 3033. In Pop's timeline, the 1950's-2000's are considered the golden age of creation, however, it was strictly forbidden to experience music or art in any form or fashion. This was due to an anomaly that disrupted the delicate space-time continuum shortly after 2012. After a long decline, by the year 2090, it was decided by unanimous decision to delete the creative genes from the entire human dna sequence, in order to make a more orderly and unified world. Sadly, the socio-political implications of this were vast and devastating, resulting in war & famine. With the express intent of changing the future, mad scientist Doc Brown sent Pop back in time to correct the time-space anomaly. Due to careful calculations, he determined Pop had the perfect "soul genes" that would be the perfect counterbalance that could tip the cosmic algorithms in the correct direction, rebalancing the time-space distortion. Sending his soul back in time and leaving his body behind, Pop was tethered to the human Chris Obialo, and thus began his journey to rewrite the future.