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Pre Order my new single Bad Baby!
Drops April 1st!

Pre Order my new single Bad Baby! Drops April 1st!

Late Post: Music Video drop: "Pop is Like" 

So i love Nas with a passion! I was listening to "Nas is Like" and just decided to write a quick lil rap the other day..Then sitting around bored with my homie, I was like "I want to drop a new video!" So we walked outside and shot this video in like an hour and a half. This one was alot of fun, simply because DJ Premiere is a beast! Much love, enjoy

New Portfolio launch on Behance! 

Chris Pop Art Portfolio on Behance


So I decided to launch a Behance profile. This is an art networking site that tons of professionals use to showcase their work! It is a thriving community and many of their users work as professionals with high level brands! This is very exciting to me and I hope to land some nice contracts with some major labels and companies! For my first project post, I decided to showcase my Animal Art Series 1. This was a fun series to do, and i really achieved a nice balance of detail and elegance. Stay tuned for more art projects and updates from me.

Chris Pop's Infinite Loop completes succesful social push campaign 

Using his social network, Chris Pop achieved a successful social push for his music video Infinite Loop. Featuring the production of Freddie Joachim, Infinite loop was a video shot wholly on the fly. Filmed during two powershoot events, Infinite Loop was all captured in the moment, impromtu. Much to his enjoyment, Chris Pop was supported by many friends and family in helping achieve this successful thunderclap campaign.


Chris Pop releases new song: Melrose feat. CJ Green 


Chris Pop drops a trap pop banger called Melrose. Featuring upcoming rapper CJ Green & smash producer Dream Life, this song packs a whole lot of star power. Pop brings a soulful yet pop and urban element to this bouncy track, with fun catchy lyrics and riding melodies.

Chris Pop aka Young Baby Tofu releases 2nd single, Bandz Up, along with Visuals  

Chris Pop releases his first single under his ratchet persona, Young Baby Tofu. This is his second single release, and was produced, by Chris Pop as well. For this video, Chris created a Keith Haring style art mural to serve as the main stage for the video. Self described as Indie Trap Electronica, Bandz Up is a mesh of many different elements visually & musically and we love it! Did we mention that Chris edited and shot some of the video as well!? If you havent peeped this art-film masterpiece, check it out below! Bandz up is also available for stream on every major platform; Search Chris Pop!


Chris Pop's Southside goes viral on youtube!  

Chris Pop's debut single, Southside, is going viral on youtube! The single amassed over 30k views in just 2 months. Most of the views came from Italy, with many others coming from Asia, Germany, France, and the UK. This is a milestone for Chris Pop, and is a good sign of where he should start his international tour! Click below to see the video if you havent already! Available for stream on every major platform! Search Chris Pop